Hume is a Graph-Powered Insights Engine. It creates a digital twin of your business in the form of a Collaborative Knowledge Graph which surfaces critical but previously buried and undetected relevance in your organization.

This newly accessible relevance can be surfaced and used in a variety of ways including unusually accurate and even predictive search, dynamic conversation and chat, proactive alerting on potentially high-impact unknowns, accurate connectedness recommendations, as well as advanced analytics and context aware visual exploration.

Why does Hume exist?

It is a brain for your organization, by becoming its Digital Twin

An image depicting how Data is fed into a system containing tags orbited by inputs and outputs labelled Human Capital Management, Strategy, New Business, Enterprise Search, Real-time Recommendations, Customer 360 degrees, Supply Chain, Processes, and Human Capital Management, with Wisdom flowing out of the system.

In an increasingly complex and hyperconnected world, organizations need a level of insight, collaboration and optimization not possible before. But for most, their knowledge is locked away and siloed.

Stay Ahead Of The Curve
What can Hume do for you?
  • Who should not leave my organization?
  • How can I decide which documents to archive?
  • How can I detect fraudulent transactions?
  • How can I optimise my supply chain?
  • How can I capture consumer sentiment?

Hume provides you with the insights you need to make better decisions, for your most pressing problems and opportunities. Create tailored analysis on top of your Insights Engine to accelerate your organization.

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Interacting with Hume's Collaborative Knowledge Graph
  • Conceptual/Predictive Search

  • Dynamic Chat & Conversation

  • Contextual Graph Exploration

  • Top Unknown Opportunities

  • Custom Dashboards

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Our track record of excellence
  • The #1 Worldwide Graph Consultancy by $revenue, #graphFTE, #licences

  • Global best talent available for onsite, remote support, or onsite training.
~50 engineers + Data Science FTE

  • A world leader in Network Science using graph data visualisation and graph data implementations / development.

  • Our technology is used in National Security, Intelligence, Marketing, Recommendation Engines, Customer Insights, Knowledge Engines, Relevant Search, Cognitive Computing.

  • State-of-the-art IP and open-source around Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning combined with graphs that nobody else has achieved

  • The team members are frequent conference speakers, and actively publish books and technical articles, to provide the community with thought leadership in this space

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